What are Jay and Ben hiding?

Jay finds out that Denise has dug up Lucy’s phone and wallet. In a panic, he quickly calls Ben to inform him. Returning home, Denise tells Patrick about her discovery. Undecided over what to do, Denise talks to Masood, who insists that they need to tell Ian.

After Ben tells Jay they need to get Lucy’s belongings and burn them, Jay visits Patrick and takes the phone and wallet away in a bin bag. When Denise realises the items have gone missing, she catches up with Jay and gets them back, much to Ben and Jay’s horror.

Ian and Jane argue about Bobby’s request to move back to Albert Square. Jane reveals she knows all about Ian’s liaison with Rainie and doesn’t feel she can trust him. Confiding in Phil, Jane has food for thought when Phil says that kids need to have their dads around. Jane tells a delighted Ian that she and Bobby will move back to Walford, but will find their own place to live. Interrupted by the door, Ian and Jane are surprised to see a grave looking Denise and Masood, who have something to tell them…