What are Sally and Kevin up to?

As it’s Tim’s birthday, Craig and Faye offer to do his window jobs for him so he can have an early start. But as they beaver away on Sally’s windows, they spot Sally and Kevin acting strangely. Having heard this Tim heads to No 4 intent on confronting Sally and Kevin, but not before offering Craig a window cleaning apprenticeship.

When Eva laments to Tony how Jason reckons they can’t afford to buy a flat, Tony offers to lend them a deposit. Eva’s thrilled, but when she tells Jason he insists they’re not a charity case. Tony gives her a comforting hug as Todd watches on intrigued. Elsewhere when Tony tries throwing his weight around, Tracy decides to show him who’s boss. Using her feminine wiles, she drags him into the back and seduces him.

David worries that with Kylie gone he has no parental rights over Max, and Callum could take him away at a moment’s notice.

Zeedan refuses to let Gary serve him in the cafe. Michael’s nervous as he reveals his heart operation is in two weeks. Steph puts pressure on Andy to track down Michael’s real son in case Michael should die during his operation.