What does Clare know about her baby’s death?

After baby Charlotte Wainwright’s body is found, Sun Hill officers quiz nanny Anna Georgiou and her boyfriend Simon Baxter further. Anna reveals that she left the Wainwright’s house to look for Simon and, when they returned, Charlotte was dead. In a panic, Anna begged Simon to bury Charlotte and make it look like an aggravated burglary. Back at the Wainwright’s, Clare and Tom are questioned by DC Jacob Banks.

It soon transpires that, on the night Charlotte died, Clare left the party to return home as she was anxious about the tot – but Tom is horrified to hear that despite waiting outside for an hour, Clare never entered the house. DI Samantha Nixon and Banksy soon learn that, after suffering two miscarriages, Clare always feared for Charlotte and was diagnosed with depression shortly after her mother died.

When it turns out that Clare has actually been suffering from severe post-natal depression, Tom confides in Tony about failing to notice how much Clare was suffering. After finding Charlotte’s missing blanket in Clare’s bag and a diary in which she details her concerns for her baby, officers kick-start a search for Clare, who has gone missing.

When Banksy eventually finds Clare in a memorial garden, the distraught mother finally reveals what happened the night Charlotte died…