What does creepy Steve want from Nicola?

It’s not like Nicola to be frowning at a free meal… but then she’s just realised that this meal may not be free! Creepy Steve has asked Nicola out to a business lunch, tempting her with tasty morsels about his new venture and how he wants her to be a part of it. But Nicola’s turned right off when she gets the feeling that the business Steve is really interested in is funny business. What tips Nicola off? His smarmy smile and the fact he’s doing his best to get her drunk…

Cameron and Debbie – now there’s some funny business that’s already happened. The morning after, Cameron goes back to Chas and finds out that his ex has dropped her legal fight with Cameron. Now he and Chas can afford to buy The Woolpack. Except Cameron doesn’t seem keen and Chas can’t work out why. Debbie gets good news, too: Andy’s going to let her look after Sarah and Jack again. You’d think she’d like to spend some time at home with her kids, but she goes to the pub – and Charity sees what Chas doesn’t: that there’s something going on between Cameron and Debbie.

Paddy still can’t see what’s really going on with Rhona… She’s buying drugs on the internet and Paddy thinks she’s buying handbags.