What does Steph know about Ben’s condition?

With preparations for the Waterloo Road musical in full swing, Ben McNulty and his girlfriend, Danielle Harker, are messing around in the art room when Ben falls cutting his head. Drama teacher Matt rushes to help Ben, but is shocked when Ben recoils in horror.

When the usually apathetic Steph rushes terrified Ben to A&E, it becomes clear that Steph knows more about Ben than she’s letting on. Ben has HIV, and Steph has promised his mum she won’t tell the other teachers. But there’s uproar among the pupils and parents when the whole school finds out about Ben’s secret.

At the end of a hard day, Jack asks Davina to marry him and the staff are overjoyed. But will rejected Steph be able to keep her mouth shut about their recent night of passion?

Elsewhere, Donte is still playing the devoted husband – while Chlo is playing away with Brett.

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