What does Suzy know about Ivy’s attack?

Smithy answers a call from Suzy Plummer who says her elderly neighbour, Ivy Murray, has been attacked during a burglary. DCs Stevie Moss and Mickey Webb learn that Ivy had been arguing with two hoodies, Lee Weaver and Vinny Chapman – but Vinny claims Lee threatened Ivy and he only went back to make sure she was OK.

When Stevie and Mickey discover that Suzy, Lee’s mother, has been selling stolen goods from a recent spate of burglaries on the internet, they arrange a sting. They’re stunned when local Housing Association officer, Ian Simpson, turns up to buy the goods from Suzy and tries to make a run for it.

Ian admits to the burglaries – but insists he didn’t break into Ivy’s house. And when Vinnie and Lee are eliminated from the enquiry, the officers are left with some unlikely suspects. But the real culprit is soon revealed, and Stevie and Mickey are reminded how deceptive appearances can be…