‘What goes on tour…’

It’s the morning after the night before and Kevin wakes hungover in Bradley’s hotel room – with no Bradley. Howard calls asking where Bradley is, the conference has started, so Kevin’s forced to lie. Elsewhere, Heston wakes up next to Robyn and, like Kevin, he has no memory of last night. Kevin finds a taxi receipt for a bikers’ bar, so he and Heston head there to try and find Bradley.

At the bar, Kevin meets Ray, who’s heard Kevin was all over his girlfriend, Ellie. Ray tells Kevin that, if can find his biker jacket, he may not break his legs and might help him find his mate. Kevin then finds a flyer with an address, where a man has Ray’s jacket. As they hand the jacket back to Ray, the police arrive; it’s a drugs raid – Rob reveals the jacket they just delivered is lined with marijuana!

After spending some time in a cell, they try calling Bradley again. Kevin knows Bradley’s number is saved under ‘Starsky’ – Kevin is ‘Hutch’. Heston remembers he saw a phone ringing in Robyn’s room – and ‘Hutch’ was the caller ID! The pair storm Robyn’s room to find Bradley bound and gagged – Robyn wants revenge for Bradley using her in past. As Bradley is untied, Robyn reveals he drugged Heston and Kevin.

At the conference, Zara’s giving a spontaneous ‘talk’ when Bradley, Heston and Kevin arrive, suited and booted as if nothing’s happened. As Bradley swans in to a round of applause, Kevin and Heston agree that what happens in Letherbridge, stays in Letherbridge!