What happened at Ravenford?

It’s April 2007. Charlie is at his practice, Ravenford, and he’s flirting with new receptionist Linda, which Barbara disapproves of. Meanwhile, Anthony’s overpaid a supplier by nearly £4,000, and when they went bust, he covered it up by forging invoices from a fake company. But it’s not long before Charlie suspects something’s going on.

After arranging to have lunch with Heston the next day, Charlie manipulates Linda into going for a drink. At the bar, Charlie behaves inappropriately towards Linda, who hates it, but can’t bring herself to put him in his place. Leaving for work the next morning, Linda receives a picture message from an unknown number that disgusts her.

Linda tells Anthony about Charlie’s behaviour but Anthony doesn’t want to rock the boat without any proof. Over lunch with Heston, Charlie reveals he needs a loan of £10,000 but Heston has a heart attack just as he’s about to sign the cheque. Later that day, Charlie calls Linda into his office where he sexually assaults her, until Anthony interrupts.

The next day, there’s an internal investigation but Charlie tells Anthony that he knows about his creative accounting – and if he goes down, Anthony’s going down with him. Meanwhile, practice partner Barbara unsupportive towards Linda, saying that she won’t risk damaging Ravenford over her; Charlie will have to resign – but that’s the end of it.

Barbara offers to buy Charlie out of the practice, unknowingly solving his money troubles. Linda is distraught at the lack of support and justice – and Charlie lives to fight another day.

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