What happened to Bridget?

Fears for Bridget’s safety grow as her phone is found in the empty hotel room, and everyone splits up to try to find her. Meanwhile, a dishevelled and shocked Bridget manages to get home to find Nicola, but hides the truth about what really happened with Chris. Elsewhere, Miranda is worried when she can’t get hold of Steve, and fears he will unleash his fury on Chris.

After showing off their dancing at the Formal, Ty and Libby agree to go on a date the next day. However, Libby confides in Steph that she is worried she will break Ty’s heart. She feels better when she sees Ty has prepared a very unglamorous picnic, and the couple end up enjoying themselves. But the date turns into a nightmare when Libby finds Chris Knight’s unconscious body by the edge of the lake. Who was responsible – Bridget or Steve?

In a bid to find some sort of meaning to his life, Riley puts his assignments for the Erinsborough News to one side in favour of tracking down Steve’s real father.

Also, despite doing all they can to delay the moment, Zeke and Taylah are finally forced to say goodbye.

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