Steven is stunned by Abi’s revelation about Lauren’s abortion and tries to get his head round it. Horrified by what she’s done, Abi waits nervously to see how Steven will react. What will he do? Steven upsets Abi by sharing a few home truths with her.

Lauren finds Josh waiting for her. She’s left feeling rattled as she’s been avoiding him all weekend. Lauren has a talk with Josh and they manage to put their differences asides. Steven, however, has seen the pair talking and he’s furious! Steven gets Josh on his own and gives him a stern warning….

Kathy is not being very supportive of Ian’s attempt to stick to a healthy lifestyle. When Kathy encourages him to fall off the wagon, Jane is furious. She threatens to kick Kathy out unless she changes her attitude!

Also, Sharon confronts Keegan about Louise and is shocked by what is revealed.