What has bad boy Earl been up to?

Tom’s feud with the Kelly family intensifies when he becomes convinced that Earl Kelly is leaving dead birds on his doorstep. To try and ease the situation, Eddie organises a falconry day at the school, but when one of the birds goes missing, there seems to be only one explanation – Earl has stolen the bird to get back at Tom and Eddie.

Confident that Waterloo Road can help the Kelly family turn themselves around, Rachel encourages Rose Kelly to give up drinking and get a job, while trying to persuade Marley that he can’t be responsible for the family for ever. Flick is also convinced that she knows what’s best for Marley – it’s being with her and competing for the post of Head Boy. But Marley is not sure who would vote for him and his crazy family…

Meanwhile, Rachel questions sister Melissa about whether her relationship with Eddie is moving too fast. But Rachel’s joke about the two of them moving in together sounds good to Melissa, who decides to ask Eddie.

And there certainly seems to be love in the air at the school speed-dating event. Will Steph give in to Dave’s charms? And can Fleur and Grantly finally bury the hatchet?