Jack insists Nancy celebrates her 18th birthday by going out to a posh restaurant with Jake. However, Jake and Nancy decide a posh restaurant isn’t for them and decide to go to the Dog instead. Later, Steph is shocked to discover Nancy and Jake in bed together.

Still on the run, Amy and Josh are hit with the realities of running away together, with Josh worried about stealing his mum’s bank card, and both concerned about the exams they’re missing. Left alone while Josh checks out coaches for London, Amy starts to panic when a junkie bursts into their hideaway.

Elsewhere, Mike is still convinced that Josh made Amy leave but Sarah blames her dad for the whole nightmare. But she’s given food for thought when Mike tells them Josh was responsible for his attack.

Zoe is still wary of going into Will’s room, but wanting to move on, she offers it to Gilly. But at the same time, Kris offers it to Elliot. The housemates decide to stage a ‘chore off’ between Gilly and Elliot, with Gilly cooking and Elliot cleaning. But as they compete to do the best job, the potato peeler goes missing and Elliot starts ‘erasing’ ghosts from Will’s room.

*Screened on TV3, Wednesday June 27*