Ronnie confronts Jack about his little chat with Marsden then tells a disappointed Jack that she doesn’t think it would be a good idea for them to see each other again. Ronnie asks a surprised Jack what he’d think if she said she’d killed her father. Jack tries to laugh it off, but later discusses her odd comment with Max.

Bianca is gutted when she realises that Ricky has put the bin out along with the £10,000 cheque. Tiff and Dotty have skived off school and answer the door to Bianca’s younger brother Billie, but not knowing who he is they turn him away. Dotty steals Tiff’s bridesmaid dress then pushes Tiff in the wheelie bin. Bianca finds her newly arrived brother Billie rescuing Tiff from the rubbish truck and Tiff is holding the cheque!

Stacey asks the market inspector if she can open a stall, but he refuses and alludes to her recent mental breakdown. Becca uses the market inspector’s comment against him when she pretends to be from the council and threatens to report him for discrimination.

Also, Peggy accuses Danny of stealing from the till; a worried Zainab realises Syed hasn’t consummated his marriage; Dr Al tells Roxy he’s leaving Walford.