Callum talks Stacey into having dinner with him at Fargo’s. The date goes well until Callum makes a joke about ‘trusting her with his own dad’ and a mortified Stacey runs off. Callum is horrified that he’s brought up Stacey’s past with Max and Bradley, but after a heart-to-heart they are reunited. Vinnie is back in the Square and asks Callum if Stacey ‘knows’…

Dot discovers that Bradley is planning a trip to Stockholm and insists that he visits Max in hospital. Bradley tells Lauren that he’s going away, but feels guilty when she gets upset. Bradley goes to Max’s bedside and breaks down on Dot. But when he’s left alone with an unconscious Max he viciously whispers he’s glad that Max is in hospital.

Sean puts Archie off when he tries to join him and Roxy flat hunting. Sean tells Roxy that he wants to move away from her family. Archie offers to pay the first year’s rent for them for a flat in the Square, but Sean turns him down and Roxy is upset that Sean can’t get on with her dad

Also, Jane is approached by a talent scout; Whitney is devastated when Tony spends his evening with Bianca instead of her.

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