What is charming Charlie hiding?

Desperate Doug has been trying to dig up some dirt on charming Charlie, convinced that Diane will be very grateful if he shows her that the man she loves is really a cad. Yep, because every woman wants to know their lover is a rotter, don’t they? Doug thinks so, and accuses Charlie of cheating on Diane. But Charlie’s no cheat and Diane tells Doug to back off and leave her and Charlie to be happy ever after. Trouble is, Charlie is hiding something from Diane…

Doug’s not the only villager who has dug himself a hole… Aaron and Paddy get themselves in a mess when they lie for Holly. Aaron tells Paddy she was drunk, not drugged, and he agrees to cover for her with farmer John. But when Paddy sees how easily she lies to her father, he starts to wonder if he’s done the right thing. He hasn’t of course, but he won’t realise that straight away…

Life’s about to get even more uncomfortable for David… Leyla finds the DVD of him and Tanya and very quickly realises it’s not the usual romcom she enjoys. Will we see the end credits roll on her relationship with David?

*Second episode, 8pm*

Diane must be very lucky when she plays cards because she has rotten luck with her love life… But charming Charlie isn’t playing around; he’s dying. Rodney finds out and tells him he has to tell Diane, but Charlie says he can’t. So Rodney has the job of telling Diane that the new love of her life has an inoperable brain tumour. Thank goodness Diane runs a pub because she’s going to need a few stiff drinks.

Maisie steps up her chase of Nikhil, telling him they have a date… alone at Home Farm. Nikhil doesn’t look like he’s in a hurry to do the horizontal mamba with her – but why? His brother Jai is totally different and happily admits to Faye that he fancies her…

After what she saw of him and Tanya on the DVD, David’s pretty sure Leyla won’t want him anywhere near her bed ever again. Surprise! She’s done some silly things in the past but this girl is no fool… Leyla realises that David what he did for her and she feels guilty about putting him under so much pressure. They have a heart to heart and Leyla tells David that as far as she’s concerned he’s done nothing wrong. They’re going to be OK… Hooray! A happy ending! (For now…)

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