What is Chris hiding?

When Jason is injured by an accident at work, caused by Chris, he feels terribly guilty. Owen’s furious and when he warns Chris he’s in the last chance saloon Chris tells him to stick his job. At home Maria‘s worried and with Chris off getting drunk and drowning his sorrows she begs Owen to take him back. But Chris is disgusted that Maria has gone behind his back and she is terrified when he goes into meltdown.

It’s David and Kylie’s first day in charge of the salon and Kylie’s keen to make it a success by advertising reiki therapy and head massages. But she isn’t qualified and when an appointment with Julie goes wrong, Gail panics at what she hears.

When Deirdre invites Stella in for a cup of tea while Simon is there, Leanne is furious when she finds out

Also, Amber railroads Sophie and Sian into a girlie night out.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

As Chris bursts out of the flat, Cheryl’s walking past. Almost fearing what she’ll discover she heads inside to find Maria upset and scared. Stunned, Cheryl confronts Chris, but he breaks down admitting he’s seriously ill. He’s been for a scan and has found out that he has a brain tumour, but has been too scared to face it. Cheryl is stunned and tells him that he must let Maria know. But as Maria insists their relationship is over, Chris tells her the truth.

Audrey‘s helping Marc get glammed up as Marcia when Gail bursts into the house slamming Kylie’s antics at the salon. But she doesn’t discover the truth about Marc/Marcia due to Marc’s ingenious use of a cream cake. Meanwhile, Gail has for her first shift at the Bistro which goes from bad to worse as she serves a Gazette reviewer with disastrous consequences.

When Leanne tells Stella she isn’t ready for her offer of help minding Simon, Stella accepts her decision. But seizing her moment Stella shows her some baby items she kept. She then asks Leanne to drop by for a birthday drink with her tomorrow, and Leanne agrees to.

Also, Sophie’s put out by how much Sian seems to enjoy Amber’s company.