What is Irene hiding?

Can Olivia find out Irene's secret?

When Olivia hears Irene telling someone to leave her alone, she asks Irene who she’s speaking to, but Irene tells her to mind her own business. Irene’s harsh words only spark Olivia’s interest even more. The curious teen calls Finn and he suggests that Irene may have a secret boyfriend. Olivia’s over the moon and congratulates Irene on her newfound romance. Irene, however, is perplexed and tells Olivia it’s Mick who has been calling her! And he wants to see Luc…

Meanwhile, Tori checks in on baby Luc and spots a tired looking Ash, so she offers to buy him dinner. The pair head to Salt and discuss Tori’s family problems and they also address Ash’s loving relationship with his niece. It seems like the pair are developing a deep bond. When they head back to the hospital, Tori watches Ash hold Luc and it seems like Tori has a deep crush on him.