Peggy is horrified that Phil is taking drugs. Pat gets her a drink for the shock. Peggy realises that Shirley knows about Phil’s drug taking and is furious that she’s kept it to herself. Peggy confronts Phil again and is devastated when he rejects her. Peggy sadly tells Pat that she’s pushed all her family away. Peggy decides to sort things out with Sam and visits her in prison. Sam tells Peggy she doesn’t need her. Peggy is stunned when she realises that Sam is heavily pregnant!

Carol tells Bianca that her date with Lewis was a disaster. Bianca answers the phone to Lewis while Carol is in the bath and is intrigued when Lewis asks her to tell Carol it was a lovely date. Bianca wants to know why Carol lied about her evening. Carol confesses she’s lost all her confidence with men.

Abi sits alone in the launderette looking unhappy. Heather asks Abi how she’s feeling and Abi confesses she’s upset that her mum and dad have both got new partners. Back at Max’s house, Max and Vanessa bring home fish and chips for the family. Max tells Abi that if she ever changes her mind about Vanessa staying he’ll ask Vanessa to leave.

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