What is Sheila hiding?

Georgia and Kyle are shocked when an envelope of money falls out of Sheila’s bag. Kyle asks whether it has something to do with Naomi, and wonders with dawning horror if Naomi sent the letters to Sonya. Sheila dismisses his accusations but unsatisfied, Kyle and Georgia decide to follow her. They find her meeting a man, to whom she gives the money and Kyle recognizes him as his long lost father, Gary.

Sonya comes home and Toadie breaks the bad news to her about the letters. Georgia then confirms that everyone on Ramsay Street got a letter. Matt promises to do some off-the-record investigating, while a rattled Sonya decides to go to a GA meeting, in the hopes of sniffing out the letter writer.

Karl visits the farm and, when he returns, he reveals it’s selling small pigs. Susan warns him not to buy one and he promises he won’t, but when he takes her outside her fears are almost realised – he’s bought a pig sculpture. It’s ugly and she wants it gone. He refuses and names their new family member Elvis.