What is Sonia hiding?

Carol is concerned when Pam asks if Sonia is back from her course, as she still hasn’t transferred the charity calendar money. When Sonia turns up, Carol has a go at Sonia for not returning her messages. When it’s clear that Sonia is unwell, Carol questions her, only to be fobbed off. Sonia then confesses she didn’t go on a course, claiming she was at a Boot Camp to shift some more pounds.

Peter is back from New Zealand and heads to Max’s with a surprise request, asking for Lauren’s hand in marriage! Although shocked, Max is finally won over by Peter’s devotion. After Max gathers family and friends for Peter’s surprise proposal, Peter prepares to pop the question. He’s stopped in his tracks by an angry Ian. When Ian then storms out, Peter follows. Ian reveals he knows that Peter was dealing drugs to Lucy…

Aleks is faced with a furious Marta, who wants to know who Roxy is. Claiming that he was accosted by an unknown drunk woman, Aleks calms her fears. Spotting Aleks with Marta, Charlie introduces himself, only for Marta to reveal she’s Aleks’s wife! Charlie later warns Aleks that unless he tells Roxy the truth, then he will. Aleks goes back on his word, instead buying Marta jewellery to win her over.