What is Stacey hiding from Shabnam?

Martin is chuffed when the story about their baby’s ‘miracle’ survival from Stacey’s electric shock makes front page of the Gazette. Shabnam tries to be happy for her best friend, but Denise realises something’s up, prompting Shabnam to confess today would have been Zaair’s due date. When Martin accidentally upsets Shabnam during lunch at the Vic, Stacey follows her as she leaves.

Stacey confesses to Shabnam that she ‘saw’ her dad when she was unconscious after the shock. Worried for her friend’s state of mind, Shabnam tells Martin and Kush, forcing Stacey to angrily defend herself. Noticing that Stacey is hiding a picture of her baby scan, Shabnam picks it up. Stacey panics, yelling at Shabnam to get out of the house…

The Mitchells reel from the events of Halloween, struggling to come to terms with everything that’s happened. Ben is desperate to keep the family together, but his plans fall apart when he makes an alarming discovery.

Also, Ronnie tries to build bridges with Roxy and Dean, inviting them to a fireworks display, but what’s behind the gesture?