Kat and Robbo discuss Scarlett’s decision to leave Summer Bay and Robbo senses that Kat has other things on her mind. He tries to get to the bottom of Kat’s problems, but she brushes his concerns off. Later, Kat calls in sick to work and runs into her apartment where she begins to throw up. Roo notices Kat’s actions and follows her into the apartment where she finds a positive pregnancy test. Kat admits that the test belongs to her, but doesn’t seem thrilled about the prospect of becoming a mother. Will she be able to tell Robbo the news – and how will he react?

Meanwhile, Robbo is trying to cover up the fact that he’s nervous that Novak is still on the loose. It seems that things are getting to him because, when Robbo arrives home, he finds pieces of a broken mirror on the floor and it brings back a memory of him choking a mystery man. Marilyn eventually finds a distressed Robbo on the floor – but will she be able to help him?

Also, Ben and Maggie relax on the beach while watching Ziggy and Coco ride the waves of the sea on their surfboards. Maggie remarks that she feels like the family is finally starting to settle in; however, she’s unaware that her mother has just arrived in Summer Bay.

When the Astonis return home, they are all in for a surprise to see Diana, Maggie’s mother, in the living room. Ben certainly isn’t impressed and there’s tension in the air when Diana criticises Ben and Maggie for moving to Summer Bay. Then, Diana makes things even more uncomfortable in the Astoni household when she reveals a secret…