An enraged Lynette confronts Tom, thinking that he’s having an affair with Anne Schilling, but Tom reveals it’s Porter who’s having the affair and he’s shocked to discover it’s with a married woman. Lynette then turns on Anne, warning her to leave Porter alone, but Anne declares her love for him. Later, Anne tells Porter that she’s pregnant and the two make plans to run away together!

Mrs Hildebrand is interfering with Solis family life and Gabrielle has had enough, telling her to back off. But Mrs Hildebrand complains to the country club, saying that Carlos’ last massage was ‘highly inappropriate’.

Susan discovers that Jackson is also an artist but that his creativity has been blocked. Then she finds he’s started painting again and is working on a portrait of her – and he seems to know her better than she thought…

Meanwhile, Bree and Orson celebrate their success by making love in the kitchen, but they’re passionate actions are caught on the security video. Unfortunately, the tape is stolen by a disgruntled former employee and, when they eventually get it back, they realise it’s not them on the tape – it’s Katherine and Mike!

And Roberta gets hold of Dave’s phone records, which reveal a string of calls to a Boston psychiatrist for the criminally insane. She and Karen call the psychiatrist in an attempt to get more information on Dave.

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