What’s Up Doc? You Leaving?

If Doctor Martin Ellingham should have learned one thing about living in Portwenn it’s that you can have no secrets there. So, Louisa now knows the Doc is planning a return to his former high-flying career as a surgeon. How long before the rest of the villagers find out? Not long, thanks to his receptionist, Pauline. She steams open a letter addressed to him and finds his offer for the London job.

Now, the Doc doesn’t like people fussing about anything, even their health. So he goes into super-grumpy mode when word gets out about his imminent departure. Pc Penhale is devastated and offers to transfer to London so they can still be together. Pauline worries for her future – more so after she reads the reference the Doc writes for her. And Louisa? Well, she’s fed up with everyone wanting to talk about the Doc leaving during her baby shower.

The Doc’s Aunt Joan, meanwhile, is trying to solve her farm’s financial problems with a B&B. But her first guest is a local farmer who’s looking for a break from his own money worries. Soon Joan needs the Doc’s help.

Of course, the Doc’s going nowhere unless he can conquer his blood phobia. Some might be hoping he can’t but something happens that proves he is well and truly cured…