What’s wrong with Tom?

Paediatrician Tom is called in to check on baby Tanya, who has a high temperature and flushed cheeks. The mum is very anxious, as she works in a doctor’s surgery that recently had a case of meningitis, but when paracetamol brings the baby’s temperature down, Tom’s happy that little Tanya just has a mild chest infection and sends her home.

Later, however, Tanya is rushed back into the ED with a rash, and meningitis is confirmed. As the staff battle to save the baby, Tom’s tormented – should he have done blood tests earlier?

Suddenly, he’s short of breath and feeling dizzy. Why has the case caused him such a panic attack?

Elsewhere the newly fully-fledged nurses Robyn and Jamie are put through their paces, to the amusement of former mentors Lloyd and Fletch.

Linda has a shock announcement about her future – she’s been offered a job in Liverpool and has decided to take it as she wants to be closer to her niece and nephew!