What will Andy do with Kyle’s money?

Kyle is perplexed when he finds a large sum of money missing from Angelo’s. The mystery isn’t that hard to solve, Brax took $4,000 dollars to help Andy pay off the drug dealers. Kyle is fuming, as he now has to ‘balance’ the books. However, both go ballistic when they find out Andy has done a runner with the cash.

Casey ropes in Brax and Kyle to watch over Josh. Hannah suspects she is being followed by one of the drug dealer thugs and goes to Brax for help. Evelyn hits the roof when she discovers Hannah and Andy are still a couple. She vents to Josh, but gets upset when he defends his brother. Evelyn realises she is just as defensive when people criticise Oscar. Evelyn and Josh spend the night together, but Hannah finds them together in the morning.

Marilyn needs to un-invite Shandi to the wedding. So she takes Irene’s advice to tell Shandi and John the truth. Marilyn tells John that Shandi is coming to the wedding and he doesn’t take the news well as Jett doesn’t even know she exists.