What will become of Leah and Elijah?

Irene asks Leah the big question – does she want to marry Elijah or not? Leah doesn’t know. Irene wonders if she broke up with Elijah so that Leah herself wouldn’t get hurt. Miles advises Elijah to fight for Leah, so he goes to see her. He says he’s sorry he rushed into things. As Leah listens she realises things are a lot simpler than she thought. This man loves her and she loves him. Leah asks Elijah to propose again. Will she accept?

Marilyn explains her plan to Alf – they’ll let Colleen think they’re engaged. For the plan to really work, Marilyn asks Martha for the ring she wears around her neck, unaware it was from Hugo. Martha agrees. Colleen believes it when Marilyn tells her Alf gave her the ring. His performance is very convincing too and Colleen is duped.

Martha has been keeping Hugo hidden. Thugs enter the Surf Club, looking for someone. They check some photos – they’re of Hugo and Martha. The thugs head to the farm. Martha and Hugo are having a heart to heart when they hear a noise outside and jump. Hugo knows he can’t stay – they’re in too much danger. But neither of them realise how close the danger is.

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