What will Bianca do with Ricky?

Ricky’s hopeful his marriage is salvageable when Bianca maintains normality for the sake of the kids. Carol returns home after being ditched by David and is strangely calm. Bianca tells Carol she’s willing to give Ricky another chance but Carol thinks she should start over. Ricky cooks Bianca a romantic meal, but Bianca tells Ricky their marriage is over. Meanwhile, Carol breaks down on Max over David.

Max and Tanya ground Lauren after Abi lets slip about Lauren skipping school and drinking. Max and Tanya take Lauren to the doctor to talk about the damage alcohol is doing to her body. Lauren opens up to Dr Hugh and it’s soon clear that Lauren’s drinking is a reaction to stress at home. Dr Hugh asks Max and Tanya to leave so she can talk to Lauren alone.

Lucy’s irritated when Mandy interrupts her having a moment alone with Ian. Lucy masks her anger and pretends she wants to get to know Mandy better. Lucy and Mandy go to the pub together. A scheming Lucy lets Mandy get blind drunk while she stays secretly sober. Lucy asks Mandy to score some drugs for her and later pockets the pills, a plan forming.

Also, Tamwar is out of hospital.