What will Bianca say?

Bianca and Liam are thrilled – they’re engaged! All loved up, they plan to go to the city to tell Liam’s parents. But then Bianca grows suspicious of April, and what she’s intending to do on the night of the Formal. She points out that revenge against Dex is not a good reason for April to lose her virginity.

April listens to her sister and seems to be changing her mind… until she sees Dex coming out of Dallas’s caravan with a kiss. Unaware that the visit is completely innocent and Dex is just being a good Samaritan, she assumes the worst.

Dex is settling in well at his new nursing job. He notices Dallas has returned and is worried that her son is sick again. He tries to find out what’s wrong, and comes to learn that Dallas has lost her job and is now living in her car. He decides to help her out and convinces Roo and Alf to let her stay at the Caravan Park until she gets back on her feet.

Miles reveals that he’s moving to Thailand. When Leah hears the news, she feels guilty and tries to convince him to stay. But this is something that Miles needs to do.