What will Leah’s answer be?

Elijah is like a rabbit caught in headlights when Leah sees him holding an engagement ring. He had agreed to take things slowly. Leah tells Irene she thinks she’s ruined everything with Elijah and will just hurt him again. Later, Leah makes it clear to him – she thinks they should break up.

Marilyn gives Alf a friendly hug and Colleen misconstrues it. She accuses Alf of ‘gallivanting’ with Marilyn in public. Alf says it was just a hug but Colleen still thinks the two of them are engaged. Alf sets Colleen straight, but she’s convinced Marilyn has designs on Alf. Marilyn devises a plan to teach Colleen a lesson.

Ruby suggests that she and Liam put together a whole album. As they work together, Ruby watches Liam with growing romantic interest, and Nicole notices. Ruby tells Irene how thrilled she is to be collaborating with Liam, but Irene is more concerned about her schoolwork.

Nicole asks Ruby if she’s got the hots for Liam, and Ruby denies it. She has Xavier and she wouldn’t hurt him again. Liam agrees to the album and during a brainstorming session, Ruby finds herself completely taken with Liam. She feels herself falling for him and rushes away.

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