Zara calls in sick, so Daniel visits her and she shows him the incriminating footage of Ian Leicester. He thinks she owes it to Matthew to tell him the truth. Zara shocks Daniel when she confesses she nearly let Ian die.

Zara tells Matthew it’s over but he won’t accept it and leaves heartbroken. Zara goes to the hospital to see Ian but when she is met with Judith’s gratitude she falters. Ian thinks he can bully her but she gives him a deadline by which to tell his family the truth, before she goes to the police.

Later that evening, feeling her revenge wasn’t as sweet as she thought it would be, she sighs heavily and sends the confession to DI Driver.

Sapphire moves in with Lily, and Lily tries to lay down some ground rules but Sapphire shocks her with a few of her own.

Also, Jimmi helps a fading pop star overcome his demons so he can restart his career.

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