Adam’s not pleased when Bianca breaks up with him and he tells Heath to cut her loose, claiming he’s worried about her. Then Jamie demands Adam finds out where Leah is and gets knocked about for his troubles. Later, Jamie talks with Heath at the bar, bemoaning his father’s abusive behaviour, and seems to win a little sympathy. But when Adam meets with him the following day, he asks his son if Heath bought his act and Jamie confirms he did.

Winston takes Harvey to a bar in the city but the groom isn’t too pleased to be faced with a load of old school friends he’s been avoiding for years. Then Harvey’s surprise arrives – it’s his old friend Gary who Winston’s flown in from India where he’s been running an aid programme… funded by Winston! Harvey’s over the moon and gets into the spirit of the evening. When he wakes the following morning, however, Harvey’s horrified to find his leg is in plaster – Roo will kill him!

Marilyn is desperate – she’s still not arranged anything for Roo’s hen party and eventually confesses to her friend that she’s messed up. She’s pleasantly surprised to find that Roo doesn’t mind at all but, now the stress has gone, Marilyn comes up with a brilliant idea.