What’s Archie planning for Danielle?

Danielle tells a sceptical Stacey that she’s a bridesmaid at Peggy and Archie’s wedding and after confirming that Danielle was lying she confronts Danielle about her delusions. A desperate Danielle confronts Archie again and tells him that if he doesn’t tell Ronnie her secret soon she will do it herself. Later, Archie lies that he’s told Ronnie and arranges to meet Danielle to talk about Ronnie’s ‘reaction’. Archie cuts a length of wire cable before testing its strength in his gloved hand…

Janine is annoyed when she offers Peggy the use of her sports car from the lot for her honeymoon and a suspicious Peggy turns her down. Janine storms home and finds a killer dress and vows to cause trouble for Peggy.

Minty decides not to take Manda to the wedding as he’s worried about scaring her off with an official outing so soon. Garry puts his foot in it and leaves Manda hurt when he tells her that Minty was going to invite her to the wedding but thought better of it…

Also, Jean gives Peggy and Sal a makeover, but Archie insults her handiwork; Roxy turns down Jack’s offer to babysit Amy so she can go to Peggy’s hen party.

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