Martha is overwhelmed when Ash gives her a beautiful necklace. Alf tells Morag he had reservations about Ash, and when the couple turn up, Morag realises she’s seen Ash somewhere before.

After some digging, Morag discovers Ash was suspected of stealing goods in his first year in the police force. Martha and Ash are stunned when Morag later confronts Ash and asks if Martha’s new necklace is stolen. Ash storms out, and returns with the box and receipt for the jewellery, proving Morag wrong.

Frustrated with Morag, Martha visits Jack at the hospital to vent her frustrations about Alf and Morag’s distrustful attitude towards Ash. Elsewhere, at the police station, Ash answers his mobile phone and tells the person on the other end that ‘nobody knows the truth’. It seems Ash is hiding something…

Elsewhere, Kim is stunned when Rachel arrives home from the hospital with baby Joe. Rachel tells him she felt it was unfair on the baby to be sent into crisis care and Kim agrees to let him stay the night. But as Rachel begins to bond with the baby, Kim worries that she’s getting too attached and confides his concerns to Beth.

Also, Colleen rallies her Christmas Pageant team.

*Screened on RTE on Monday, March 12*