What’s Brax hiding from Charlie?

Tegan arrives at Brax’s motel room pleading for help. When Brax refuses to listen, Heath is the one who’s forced to get involved. Soon after, Casey spots Heath and Tegan hiding some bags under his house. He tells Brax, who confronts Tegan. She explains that they’re Jake’s pills and that she needed to hide them.

An unsympathetic Brax orders Tegan to get rid of them, and she decides to blackmail him. She knows he was the one who tipped off the cops, leading to Jake’s arrest – what if Jake found out? Feeling the pressure, Brax leaves the bags – but for how long?

Brax and Charlie have broken up and they’re both upset. In a chance meeting, Brax asks Charlie to give him a second chance, but with no result Brax is left angry. Then Ruby convinces Charlie to reconsider, but when she arrives at his motel, she finds him in bed… with Tegan!

Marilyn and Roo are making an effort to get along, as they try and deal with Roo and Sid’s relationship. In an attempt to bond with each other, Marilyn reads Roo’s tarot cars, but it soon goes wrong when Marilyn predicts rocky times ahead for Sid and Roo.