What’s Brendan up to?

Warren is onto Brendan when he sees him with Kyle in the village. Later he asks Brendan who the guy whop came looking for him and Brendan manages to avoid the question.

A tearful Theresa bids farewell to her family before leaving to escape from Kyle. On the way to meet Ethan to say goodbye she bumps into Warren telling him that Ethan has been spotted in the village. He gives her some money and heads off. She gets call from Ethan but before she can answer Kyle turns up and bundles her and the baby in to his car.

Rea tells Ste that it’s Brendan’s fault she lost their baby, Ste immediately tries to defend him but Rae shoots him down telling him to face facts. Ste tells Brendan and Cheryl that he and Rae have split and when Cheryl leaves he emphasizes they never stood a chance with Brendan in the picture.

Also; Mercy clocks a guy perving on her at Kathleen’s charity auction. When he touches her to avoid her sitting on a wet table, she snaps. But Carmel jumps to his defense and agrees to go for a drink with him alone.

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