Jack gets a call at the station from Brian, a guy who claims that Bridget owes him money. Bridget claims he’s just an ex-boyfriend who can’t handle that it’s over between them. Roman gives her cash for advertising on the side of the bait shop’s boat and Bridget pockets 500 dollars of it. Later, she calls Brian to tell him he’ll get his money before warning him not to cause her any trouble.

Ruby formulates a plan to stop besotted Melody getting hurt when she realises Geoff isn’t interested in her. She decides to set her up with another boy from school, the nerdy Trev, but it doesn’t go well. However, Melody is devastated when she walks in on Geoff and Nicole kissing. Ruby provides Melody with a shoulder to cry on, but worries when Melody declares she is the girl for Geoff and she’s going to prove it.

Hurt by her mum, Nicole flees the party. She talks things through with Geoff and they end up kissing. Geoff reveals he is still interested in her and wants to try a relationship, but on his terms, and Nicole agrees. However, just when things seem to be back on track for Nicole, her mum Natalie arrives on the doorstep, having been evicted.

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