Bridget convinces Martha to come to her big promotion party at the bait shop. Martha turns up but looks dreadful, prompting Bridget to suggest Martha’s treatment must have been different for her ovarian cancer. Rachel is puzzled, sure that Bridget previously said she had cervical cancer. Later, Bridget drops her wallet, and a series of cards fall out, all with her picture on, but each with a different name. Who is Bridget?

After discovering that Matthew is really Skye, Jai and Annie confront him, but he denies everything. Annie tries to tell Ruby, but when she learns of Ross’s plans to move out, she can’t bring herself to upset her any more. However, assuming Annie has told Ruby everything, Matthew ends up apologising to her, inadvertently giving himself away. Ruby is shocked and hurt but soon devises a way to get back at him and pretends to forgive him. But what does se really have planned?

Having decided to move back in with Morag, Ross tells his daughters he wants to move away so they can remember him how he was.

Also, Irene thinks Kirsty should tell Miles the real reason she needs money so badly, but instead, Kirsty arranges to work as an escort for the first time.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday December 1*