What’s Calvin up to?

Carmel enlists Calvin to model at a business meeting for Evissa. Jeff the sales manager arrives for the meeting in the same make of car that Warren wants Calvin to steal to order and when Calvin spots the keys in reception he pockets them. Carmel is upset that Calvin has stood her up and a furious Jeff calls the police when he realises his car’s been nicked. A guilty Calvin comforts an unsuspecting Carmel.

Spencer begs Warren to invite Sasha for dinner and he treats the evening as a date, unaware that Sasha has only agreed so that she can spend time with Warren. Sasha is disappointed when it’s clear that Warren is a no show and when Spencer tries to kiss her she is horrified and flees, leaving Spencer devastated.

Kris leaves Nancy to hold the fort on the radio show when Ravi texts him to say that he wants to see him. After their fun, Kris rushes back to Nancy, who is angry that she was left to host Kris’s show alone. But their anger soon turns to passion and Kris finds himself getting hot and heavy for a second time that day!

Also, Dom is persuaded by Ste’s new pal Natty to take him back at Il Gnosh.

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