Debbie never suspected that her caring aunt was about to do a runner with her caring partner. But she isn’t as sure of Cameron as she once was. Cain has drip-fed her his suspicions and Debbie’s starting to believe Cameron might be up to something. When he abandons her during a night out at The Woolpack (because he can’t face Chas) and she later sees him on his laptop, Debbie starts to wonder if Cain was right about Cameron all along. What? Just because he’s using a computer? Well, to be fair, it’s usually a wrench or a coffee – or another woman – he has in his hands, not a computer…

Val’s suspicious about Amy’s fat lip. How did she get it? Amy’s not saying but Val wheedles it out of Victoria and is shocked to hear it was Amy’s mother who punched Amy. She’s even more shocked when that same mother, Kerry, turns up in the village looking for Amy. Moira has pointed Kerry in the direction of the B&B but it’s Val who confronts her and puts Amy’s mum in her place – which, she tells her, isn’t in Emmerdale.

Alex is loving his new place at Butler’s Farm – and Moira is loving having him there. Victoria, though, is not happy.