Jack and Gilly are in awe of Premier League hero Carl but they touch a nerve when they bring up a tabloid scandal. Heidi’s suspicious of Cheryl’s flirting with Carl and tells her they’ll have to let her go. The press have heard about Carl’s arrival at The Dog, but when a face from the past shows up, it’s clear that not everyone is pleased to see them.

Gilly announces he’s going to move in with Steph and Rhys tells Darren he’s going to have two new flat mates, him and Duncan! Jack is incredulous when Darren arrives with Barry the greyhound. Darren couldn’t get Jack The Dog, so he got him a dog instead. But Heidi tells Jack he can start as the duty manager whenever he likes.

Ravi makes a bold pass at Jem and then walks away without a word. He’s playing her. When he later mocks her martial arts prowess, Ravi ends up in a duel with her.

Also; Jake feels put out about a mystery job offer, suspecting it’s another one of Loretta’s schemes. He tries to convince Darren and Rhys that Loretta’s disturbed, but they don’t believe him. Jack finally tells Jake it was Steph who set up the job.

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