Mitzeee mixes things up when she encourages Jasmine to stand up to her dad. When Bart calls round, Jasmine makes sure Carl sees them kissing in full view of everyone. Carl goes for Bart before Jem stops him in his tracks. Jem wants to protect Jasmine and we finally learn Carl’s history.

Cheryl asks Ste to do her catering for half of Tony’s price. He starts stealing food from Tony, then pretends to be sick and sneaks out. He’s all set to put on a spread for Cheryl when Tony walks in and fires him. Later, Ste sees Brendan sneak off with a bottle of champagne for a quiet moment with Mitzeee. But when he tries to blackmail Brendan, he gets is a punch in the mouth.

Cheryl invites the Valentines to the Chez Chez launch party – she’ll send them off in style. Meanwhile, Lauren sees Spencer and apologises, wishing they could go back to being friends. Later, Lauren catches up with Val and hears her plans have changed, her mum letting her down again.

Also; Jacqui and Rhys are getting on each other’s nerves behind the bar at Chez Chez. Meanwhile, Jacqui sees how happy the Valentines are to be reunited and Carmel finally lets the Valentines go.

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