What’s Clare up to?

While Warren’s away on ‘business’ in Spain, Clare is determined to exploit Justin’s naivety and when she learns that Justin is dropping off £2,000 to a local gangster, she makes sure he’s a few hundred pounds short.

Justin returns from the deal in a panic, but smug Clare is there to offer him a helping hand and beds Justin in an attempt to pump him for information. Justin is wary that Clare is just using him to get to Warren but it looks like Warren could be in trouble when suspicious Clare discovers Sean Kennedy’s wallet…

While Zoe wonders how she’s going to tell Will that she’s off to New York, Will receives the devastating news that an old friend has been killed in an accident back home. He’s shattered, and Zoe is left having to decide whether to deal Will a double blow.

Rhys’ memory is a little hazy after last night’s knees up, although he’s sure he pulled a gorgeous girl called Molly. But he’s gutted when Molly turns up at the SU bar looking far less attractive than he remembered. Gilly, on the other hand, takes a fancy to cool Manchester City fan Molly, and decides to try his luck…

Also, Rhys isn’t impressed when he catches Josh trying to smuggle Amy into the house.

*Screened on TV3, Tuesday May 1*