What’s crafty Jules been up to?

Brad gets the car started but Jules and Cassie are in trouble when they return home. Later, Jules confides to Drew that he wants to finish what he started with Cassie, and asks him to throw an 18th birthday party. Then Ric discovers that somebody removed the distributor cap causing Brad’s car not to start.

Furious Brad lays into Jules, but agrees to let Jules tell Cassie the truth himself. But when Jules delays in owning up, Sally reveals to Cassie that Jules faked the car breakdown so he could spend the night with her. Cassie confronts Jules, leaving him disappointed that his chances of a dream romance are gone.

Lucas is suspicious when he spots Tony and Naomi arguing heatedly on the beach, and tells Ric his suspicions. Ric confronts Tony, telling him to be upfront and honest with his son. Tony writes Naomi a note, and slips it under her van door.

Meanwhile, after Lucas discovers that Naomi is off sick from school, he learns from Alf that Tony has been spotted near Naomi’s van. Deciding to investigate, Lucas sees the note sticking out from under Naomi’s van, reads it, and discovers his dad has slept with Naomi too!

*Screened on RTE One, Thursday August 16*

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