What’s Duncan hiding?

Ricky hits on the new hottie in town, Ruby. He tells her that he’s in a band and the pair go on a date. Ricky bombs, and on the way out Duncan is appalled to see them both, Ruby is his sister. Duncan and Ruby walk off and he tells her that no one knows about her parents so she needs to keep it quiet.

Heidi takes Jason to the GID clinic where he meets Tamara. Tamara makes Jason feel better by telling him that the clinic aims to help. But Heidi still can’t accept Jason’s decision and tries her best to hinder the process.

Sinead tells Rob that she hid Amber’s diary in her locker at school, but when the pair go to find it it’s missing. Determined that Amber’s lies don’t become public knowledge he’s determined to find out who’s taken it.

Also; Ethan’s suspicions are aroused when the McQueen girls act strangely about Kyle’s upcoming trial for Calvin’s murder; Warren turns up at Cheryl’s door telling her that he’s changed, she agrees to give him one more chance.

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