What’s Dylan involved in?

Pcs Sally Armstrong and Ben Gayle stop the car of known violent offender, Dylan Morrison, and find 12-year-old Liam Harvey in the driver’s seat. Liam tells Ben he stole the car to get back at Dylan for threatening his dad, Bob. Later, Ben and Sally attend the scene of a car crash and find Bob in the driver’s seat – he’s been stabbed.

At the station, the officers open a briefcase from Dylan’s car and are shocked to find explicit pictures and a DVD of minor celebrity Abigail Frampton. Abi’s father Douglas claims she’s gone overseas and refuses to believe that his daughter could be caught up in anything sordid.

DCs Stevie Moss and Terry Perkins track Dylan at his home where they are horrified to find him tied up with ‘scum’ tattooed on his forehead. Dylan later tells the officers that whoever branded him was after the DVD and they are shocked when they discover who the suspect really is…