What’s eating Aden?

After finding her faith again, Annie tells the truth about what really happened with Aden. She is let off with a warning, but Aden is angry that she didn’t receive a stricter punishment. Meanwhile, after talking to Roman, Irene reluctantly realises she will have to apologise to Aden if a court case is to be avoided. But after biting the bullet and saying sorry, she’s surprised by how amenably Aden accepts her apology.

The tension grows between Aden and Bartlett when Bartlett issues the entire school with Saturday detention as punishment for the sand-throwing incident after Dan’s memorial. When Gavin asks Aden to do a follow-up interview for the Coastal News, he uses it to discredit his Principal and glorify himself.

But when the article comes out comparing Aden to his deceased grandfather, a Vietnam war hero, he’s furious. He confronts Belle, demanding that she and her newspaper never mention his grandfather again, and burns the article on the beach. What has Aden got against his grandfather?

The tension increases between Drew and Belle, with Drew upset that Belle is putting her job before everything, even at the memorial of his uncle. But Belle feels justified, telling him she has no say in where and when she works.

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