What’s eating Hannah?

Hannah is nearly caught binge-eating in her room when Fletch bursts in unexpectedly. Realising she has a problem, Hannah calls an eating disorder helpline, but is interrupted by Sarah. When Melissa turns up, Hannah goes to the toilet, and Melissa overhears her making herself sick. Melissa confronts Hannah, and surprises her by offering her tips on how to hide her eating disorder.

Feeling uncomfortable about last night’s kiss with Nancy, Jake heads to The Dog where he tells Craig he’s met a new woman and can’t stop thinking about her. Later, Nancy is unimpressed when Craig informs her that Jake has gone to see his new lady, and suspects Jake has a secret new girlfriend.

Nancy takes out her frustrations on Jake when he returns to the flat, but is surprised and pleased when Jake reveals that in fact, she is his new woman.

The Baby Diegos – aka Fletch, Josh and Amy – prepare for their first gig, although the boys worry when Amy misses the soundcheck, having been left to look after baby Leah. Josh wants to cancel the gig but Fletch is determined to play and the duo put in a terrible performance.

Also, pregnant Jacqui worries about her future following her break-up with Tony.

*Screened on TV3, Tuesday August 14*