Eli is determined to teach Niall a lesson but when Newt sees how distraught Frankie is over Jake, he begs Eli not to cause any trouble. But it seems that Eli’s got other ideas…

Meanwhile, Jack is dismayed when Darren comes home empty-handed and loses his temper when he realises Darren has gambled the money away. Things later turn worse for the Osbornes when Louise celebrates her freedom in The Dog.

Warren can’t believe that Louise has arranged press interviews to talk about her release, and is shocked when she announces she intends to celebrate in The Dog. The atmosphere is hostile, but Darren persuades Jack they need the business. Frankie is not so receptive and blames Louise for the damage done to her family. Louise is adamant she has every right to celebrate, oblivious to the fact that her friends and Warren aren’t so keen on her new attitude�

Eager to kick-start her journalism career, Michaela asks Louise for an interview about her new-found freedom but is turned down flat. She doesn’t have any more luck with Calvin who refuses to disclose sensitive police information. It’s left to Mike to advise her on how to develop her writing skills, but he regrets his offer to look over her work when Michaela hands over a massive portfolio.

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