Roman feels unsettled when Elliot informs him he’s giving Nicole diving lessons but Nicole isn’t interested in Roman’s offer to take over as her diving instructor. Worried about Nicole, Geoff visits her and suggests she deserves better, before admitting that he likes her himself. Meanwhile, in the bait shop, Elliot tampers with Nicole’s oxygen tank. What has he got planned?

When Jimmy comes into hospital after suffering a severe beating, Rachel is the only one available to treat him. Uncomfortable with his growing dependence on her, she tells him she wants another doctor to treat him from now on. He’s clearly dismayed at the news but appears happy to stay in hospital for as long as she wants. With his police report riddled with inconsistencies, could this be part of a twisted plan to get closer to Rachel?

Aden is finally ready to go all the way with Belle. After they sleep together, he reveals that he’s been going to therapy to show her how important she is to him. But their good mood turns sour when Larry arrives, pale, sick and shaking.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday October 6*

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